Federated Learning

Articles Secure, privacy-preserving and federated machine learning in medical imaging – Link Federated Learning – Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Machine, Learning without Centralized Training Data – Link Federated Learning in Healthcare (WiSe2020) – Link A Beginners Guide to Federated Learning by Dr. Santanu Bhattacharya The New Dawn of AI: Federated Learning – Democratized and Personalized AI, with …

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Interpretable AI

Interpretable Machine Learning – A Guide for Making Black Box Models Explainable – Christoph Molnar – Link Interpretable AI – Building explainable machine learning systems, Ajay Thampi – Link Papers Multi-Objective Counterfactual Explanations by Susanne Dandl, Christoph Molnar, Martin Binder, Bernd Bischl – Link Preserving Causal Constraints in Counterfactual Explanations for Machine Learning Classifiers by …

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Dependable AI

Papers Towards Evaluating the Robustness of Neural Networks – Nicholas Carlini, David Wagner, University of California, Berkeley – Link Defense against Universal Adversarial Perturbations – Naveed Akhtar, Jian Liu, Ajmal Mian – Link Local Gradients Smoothing: Defense against localized adversarial attacks – Muzammal Naseer, Salman H. Khan – Link Sparse and Imperceivable Adversarial Attacks – …

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