artificial intelligence

Differential Privacy

Papers/Articles Differential Privacy: The Pursuit of Protections by Default (A discussion with Miguel Guevara, Damien Desfontaines, Jim Waldo, and Terry Coatta) – November 20, 2020 Volume 18, issue 5 (ACM queue) – Link Differentially Private SQL with Bounded User Contribution by Royce J Wilson, Celia Yuxin Zhang, William Lam, Damien Desfontaines, Daniel Simmons-Marengo, and Bryant …

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Dependable AI

Papers Towards Evaluating the Robustness of Neural Networks – Nicholas Carlini, David Wagner, University of California, Berkeley – Link Defense against Universal Adversarial Perturbations – Naveed Akhtar, Jian Liu, Ajmal Mian – Link Local Gradients Smoothing: Defense against localized adversarial attacks – Muzammal Naseer, Salman H. Khan – Link Sparse and Imperceivable Adversarial Attacks – …

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Computer Vision Resources

Conferences: The Computer Vision Foundation – Link Open Access of Papers (The Computer Vision Foundation) – Link Conferences: CVPR – Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition  WACV – Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision ICCV – International Conference on Computer Vision Topics to explore: Point Cloud What is point cloud – Link Point Cloud …

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